Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Don't Stop Believing" (in the marketing team)


ALHAMBRA, IL--  The newly released Blues video is on Youtube!!!!

Hopefully all the exclamation points didn't get you thinking its good because if they did, be prepared for a let-down.

Who do the Blues marketing team think they're talking too?  Obviously we haven't stopped "believing" and why would they think otherwise?

Last year the Blues sold out every home game and regardless of not making the Playoffs (again) they showed promise at the end of the season.  So I ask again WHY WOULD WE STOP BELIEVING???

Possibly the marketing team ran out of ideas?  I hope so, because if not they have a lot of explaining to do.  I personally didn't mind previous slogans like whatever it takes, and Bleed Blue (my personal favorite) both are simple and they were slogans that stuck with the fans.  I can certainly say the same with this year's.  It is simple and sticks with the fans but in a bad way (I have nightmares about it). 

So hopefully the worst is over?  I doubt it, I wouldn't be surprised if we start out with this song before every home game (even though our rivals Detroit have already claimed it) and then it escalates into a fast paced rock song to get everyone on their feet.  The only problem is, people are going to be too busy booing to cheer for the home team's intro.  Oh well, maybe the marketing team will improve their videos from here on out and intro video for games will be OK, but by the end of the season I will probably stop "believing" in the marketing team.

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