Monday, September 26, 2011

Perron Returns to the Blues

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ALHAMBRA, IL--  After hearing little news for the longest time regarding David Perron's status, Blues fans were surprised by the news that Perron would be returning to the Blues.

Perron missed the final 72 games last year after taking a blindside hit that was delivered by San Jose Shark's forward Joe Thornton.  Ever since then fans have been wondering if/when Perron would be back.

Perron had his ups and downs over the course of the concussion, but he never thought of it being a career ending injury.

"If you know my path to the NHL, it’s different than most guys. I’ve had my back to the wall many times before that point."

Now keep in mind that Perron wont be returning to the lineup for quite some time.  Personally I wouldn't expect to see him back until late November or early December...But hey, at least he's back to training.

Perron takes his baseline test next week, and if he passes it, he can start working out doing the little things and working his way up slowly until eventually he is able to practice with the team.

Perron has been performing light exercises for the past 3-4 weeks without experiencing any major concussion symptoms.

"I feel pretty good. There’s going to be a few symptoms every once in a while, but it’s a process … I feel the symptoms I have once in a while are different than what they were before. That’s why I felt it was time to move forward and introduce some of the skating and training I’ve been doing."
Obviously this news means little if Perron isn't able to pass the baseline test, but at least some questions were answered, and it's nice to know that Perron is improving.
Note that if Perron passes his baseline test, he is in no shape to return immediately, but hopefully the Blues don't push him too hard and hopefully the fans can remain patient until that day when we see #57 take the ice.
Nichol update

Scott Nichol by Dinur
Scott Nichol by Dinur

Blues center Scott Nichol is expected to be cleared to play at some point during this week.  Nichol has yet to play in the preseason after recovering from off season shoulder surgery.  Nichol has been cleared to practice, but is waiting for the OK to participate in a game.  Nichol was acquired in the summer to help improve the team on face-offs and to provide veteran leadership.

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