Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sale Update: $167 million offer rejected

St Louis Blues by Mafue
St Louis Blues, a photo by Mafue on Flickr.

ALHAMBRA, IL-- Today Jeremy Rutherford reported that a $167 million was offered by Max Chambers and was rejected by the Blues.

Checkett's group is supposedly looking for a bid of $190 million. Not going to happen.

When I heard that the offer had been rejected, I was furious. How can you expect to get more than what the Blues are listed as being worth?

Chambers didn't seem happy about the offer being rejected.

"I think $190 is a little aggressive with the value of the franchise. We felt $167 was aggressive, so their counter at $190 was real aggressive in our view."

Why can't this just be over so Checketts can leave the Blues while the fans still have a little bit of respect for him? Chamber's offer remains on the table, but no one is certain of how long it will be there. Checkett's had better accept it while its there because he WONT receive another offer like this and in the end he has to sell.

Chamber's is the perfect guy for this team. He will put money into the team and will do whatever is necessary to bring a Stanley cup to St. Louis.

"I think the Blues, with $8-10 million more, a legitimate Cup contender, not just a playoff team," he said. "The only reason we would want to buy a team is to win a Stanley Cup. We would commit whatever resources it takes – financial and personnel – to get there."

I am confident that the Blues will accept this offer because they know that they wont get a better one, and deep down I do believe they want whats best for this team.

Also note that many believe Chambers is not a legit player in the sale and that is why his offer was rejected.  It is possible that the Blues a skepticle, but to me he seemed very agitated and it doesnt make much sense for him to be that agitated if his offer wasnt legit.

More to come...

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