Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What to expect from True Blues during the season


ALHAMBRA, IL-- With the pre-season getting underway tonight and the regular season not too far behind, I thought I would let people know why they should follow True Blues during the season.

This blog is fairly new and so people are unaware of how what I am going to write about during the season. Many people write about every game, but I have chosen against that. I will write about important topics, and news pieces that arise throughout the season, but I don't want my blog to be filled with game recaps.

Every 5-10 games I am planning on writing about the last group of games, such as what the Blues did well, and what areas they could improve in (hopefully not many). I will also create a page on True Blues where fans can go to see the Blues record, all of their wins and losses, and I will provide a link to the game(s) box score.

Hopefully I'm not disappointing anyone by not writing about every game, but I felt that their was no reason to do this when you could just as easily watch the highlights or visit the box score link.

I feel really positive about the Blues season, and Thank you for reading True Blues. Stay Tuned.

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