Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blues News #6

By Andrew Allsman| Posted: December 8th, 2011| Contact 

Blues current "hot streak", sale process, David Perron, and more in this edition of Blues News.

I have not been able to write much lately due to the increasing amount of school work I've had lately so to try to catch up, I’m combining a bunch of topics this week.

Best goaltending duo in the league?

The topic has been thrown around a lot lately, and not just by Blues fans.  Do the Blues have the best goaltending duo in the league?

This question is hard to address, because stats can only go so far in addressing this issue, and the rest boils down to opinion.

So what do the stats say?

The Blues are 7th in the league in sv% and 2nd in the league (behind Boston) in GAA.  This is pretty good considering Halak got off to a slow start, but now he is picking up his game, and with him and Elliot splitting the games, the Blues have a dangerous goaltending duo.

But are they the best?

It’s a really hard question to answer, especially when you have teams like the Canucks, the Wild, and the Bruins who can also rely on both of their net minders, but one thing’s for certain: the Blues are not far from the best if not considered the best already.

Why David Perron makes a huge difference

Blues forward David Perron returned to the lineup against Chicago last Saturday, and scored a goal in his debut, but his presence on the ice wasn’t enough to get the Blues a win.  Perron played his second game of the year Tuesday against the Red Wings, and the Blues pulled off a win.

It may not seem when you look at the stats (1 goal and 1 assist) like Perron's return is making a huge difference, but if that’s the case, there's no way you’re watching the same game as me.

Perron is performing well on both ends of the ice, and the Blues seem to take control of the game when he is out there. 2 pts in 2 games isn’t extravagant, but it certainly isn’t bad.

Hitchcock has had high praise for Perron since his first game, and Perron is not disappointing him.  Perron is a huge part of the Blues because his playmaking ability sparks the offense at the key points in a game.

Since Perron has returned, Chris Stewart, and Patrik Berglund have come to life and added a boost to the offense that was much needed. 

All in all, Perron, as he becomes more comfortable, will improve his game and the more he does, the better the Blues will be.

Hot Streak

The Blues have been the bright spot in St. Louis sports this year, as they somehow seem to keep pulling together wins under new coach Ken Hitchcock.

The Blues are 9-2-3 under Hitchcock, and the more they win, the harder they will be to beat.

The Notes have improved in all areas of their game (minus the PP) and seem to start a game the right way as well as finish it, and find themselves in a playoff spot because of it.

The Blues are well on their way to the playoffs if their play continues, and I for one am excited to see how well they are buying into Hitchcock's new and improved system.

Sale Update

Very little news has been reported on the sale process simply because there is very little.  Hulsizer remains focused on purchasing the team, but he has a deadline (December 31st) to do so.  If he is unable to get a deal done by then, Stillman's group will have their chance.  According to Andy Strickland, it is very unlikely that he doesn’t buy the team.  Supposedly the financing is still an issue, but it is close to being completed and once that is done it shouldn’t take long for a deal to be final.  Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post Dispatch believes a deal will be completed very soon between the Blues and Hulsizer.

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