Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blues need scoring, but how will they get it?

By Andrew Allsman| Posted: January 24th, 2012| Contact 

Monday night's game at Joe Louis arena was a prime example

Everyone knows that the Blues lost Monday night to their longtime rivals: the Detroit Red Wings, but the biggest concern fans have is: can the Blues beat/become an elite team? 

To become an elite team, the Blues undoubtedly need to find scoring.  Only scoring one goal in a game may produce a win against the Edmonton Oilers, but it certainly wont against teams like the Red Wings.

When I take a look at this year's roster, I just don't understand how this team cant score more than one goal...with players like Perron, Oshie, Backes, Berglund, and Stewart, the puck should be finding the back of the net more than once a game.

The numbers for guys like Berglund and Stewart this season are just flat out unacceptable.  These are players that should be producing every night, but yet they are rarely found on the score sheet and seem to be invisible on most nights.

Its hard to win games against elite teams when the only goal you score comes from a 4th line center.  This presents Ken Hitchcock with a challenge and a distraction every night as he picks the line combinations because he is forced to choose whether or not to go with chemistry or try to get Berglund and Stewart's game going by mixing up the lines.

This isn't something a coach should have to deal with and as I said before, it is unacceptable at all levels.

The Blues really have only 2 options: continue the year with the current roster and make a move in the offseason for a scorer, or make a deal in the near future to get a finisher.

While many people (myself included) think Armstrong should make a deal by the deadline, this option just may not be feasible.

Armstrong is limited in what he can do because of the ownership situation, and depending on his budget, he may not be able to bring a proven scorer into St. Louis (this year).

If Armstrong does decide to make a trade, what will be the asking price?  Likely high, and obviously this team has shown it can win with what it has.

Basically what I'm getting at is, bringing a goal scorer into St Louis this season may not be the best option.....Armstrong will evaluate the team once McDonald and Steen are back and if he feels the need to make a change, he will.  How big of a splash will he make, remains to be seen.

In the meantime the Blues need to find scoring from what they have and while this shouldnt be a problem, it has been.

If Stewart and Berglund get going, this team can become an elite team and compete in the playoffs, but if they dont, Armstrong will have no choice but to at least explore other options....hopefully this isnt needed.