Twitter Accounts

The Following are Twitter accounts I would recommend following if you are a True Blue (mine is @STLBluesWriter)


@Solomonsside- David Solomon: works at the big 550 KTRS and covers all of the local sports teams--Tweets official Blues game attendance every night as well

@jprutherford- Jeremy Rutherford: Blues Beat writer for STL Post Dispatch (

@FrozenNotes- Blues Blog by David Rogers

@JTQ_1- Editor for

@lkorac10- Lou Korac: Blues Beat writer for the Alton Telegraph

@andystrickland- Andy Strickland: Founder of

@NormSanders- Norm Sanders: Blues writer for

@BlueNoteZone- Blues Blog by Jeff Quirin

@KMOXSports- Official Twitter account for KMOX radio station

@TSNPhotography- St. Louis based photographer--posts great Blues and Riverman Pictures

@TheHockeyWriter- Founder of a great website for coverage of every team, including the St. Louis Blues


@STLMillsIceZone- Official Twitter account for the Stl Blues practice facility

@NHL- Official Twitter account of the National Hockey League


@chriskerber- Chris Kerber: KMOX Blues Play by Play Broadcaster

@Chasenpucks39- Kelly Chase: KMOX Blues Radio Broadcaster

@Panger40- Darren Pang: FSMW Blues TV Broadcaster (aka Panger)

@Jkellyhockey- John Kelly: FSMW Blues TV Broadcaster


@OSH74- T.J. Oshie

@DP_57- David Perron

@shattdeuces- Kevin Shattenkirk

@ICole28- Ian Cole

@Benbishop30- Ben Bishop (aka Big Ben)

@CamJanssen55- Cam Janssen

@CstewSTL25- Chris Stewart

@Steener20- Alex Steen

@10_AMac- Andy McDonald